How To Start A Career Without A Degree

How To Start A Career Without A Degree

Receiving some form of post-secondary education is promoted as that safe bet for a sustainable career and future. Yet, nowadays, the cost of attending a 3 to 4-year college or university program is incredibly unaffordable and will likely have you paying back student loans well into your retirement. If having large amounts of student loan debt doesn't tickle your fancy, here are a few ways to start a career without a degree. 

saulo-mohana-wNz7_5EvUWU-unsplash-300x199.jpgSaulo Mohana

Consider Working A Trade 

Student fees and loans have skyrocketed while pay grades have remained around the same since the era of the baby boomers and, unfortunately, Gen. Y is left to deal with the leftover drastic financial turmoil.  

Learning a trade like plumbing or welding has always been an option but is rarely the popular decision. Blame that on capitalism or the education-to-work pipeline, but blue-collar careers don't require degrees and allow you to gain certifications in your field according to how many hours you've put into training and honing your skill-set. They pay well and may provide the financial freedom you desire by starting a practice. 

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Or "Moving Up The Ladder" 

A job that you may land without a school degree may provide great benefits and the opportunity to grow in a company and work towards managerial positions. Years that others spend getting a degree do not equate to real-life work experience and, depending on the career, may not award a competitive salary at an entry-level position.

You'll be ahead of the game at your company, with years of experience under your belt while new grads are looking to sew their seeds as reputable employees. 


 The world is changing and, archaic ways of learning, growing and even earning a living are not the only ways to attain a fulfilling, worthwhile life. When choosing a career, whether by way of post-secondary education or taking the less traditional route, consider all options and make a decision suitable to you.