Money Myths Debunked

Money Myths Debunked

They say, "scared money don't make no money" and by they, I mean modern-day philosophers known as rap artists. Notions surrounding money are ever-changing, even though the pursuit of money remains constant. To help you on your journey to financial freedom, here are a few money myths debunked:

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You Don't Need To Solve A Financial Crisis Quickly

Avoid taking the nuclear option in times of financial instability. If you happened to lose your job there is rarely ever a need for you to prematurely cash n your retirement plan. Chances are there are a bunch of steps to taking before making drastic calls that can and will affect you in the long run. Compare making financial decisions on a whim to randomly choosing to get a tattoo–never a good idea.


Everyone Is Anxious About Money

The popular narrative is that people with money don't struggle with the idea and earning and spending it. A myth. Anyone can experience weariness and demonstrate avoidant behaviour regarding checking the bank account balance or discussing finances.

If attending to your checks and balances is anxiety-inducing, seek out the assistant of a financial therapist or mental health professional to help you manage your emotions concerning money.

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Fighting About Money Is Inevitable In Your Relationship

In a relationship, money talks cannot be avoided forever. Instead of running away from conversations or approaching your partner with preconceived notions and under stress, look for ways to manage money that work for each party involved.

Approaching money in your partnership may look like setting common and attainable goals, honouring shared values and setting time aside to speak rather than offering unsolicited advice.

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