4 Renovations That Raise Your Home's Value

4 Renovations That Raise Your Home's Value

There are two kinds of home renovations: ones you do for yourself, and ones you do for the next person to own the house. Having work done always costs money, but there are plenty of renovations that raise your home’s value, thus paying for themselves in the long run. 

Let’s take a look at 4 of the most lucrative home improvements you can do. *Tim Allen noises.*

The Kitchen

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When it comes to selling your house, no other room is more important than your kitchen. A kitchen that needs thousands of dollars of work to bring it up to the buyers’ standards can easily be a deal-breaker. 

Basically, anything you can improve will pay dividends down the line. New appliances, new sinks, new countertops, new cabinets… all these things will help your home fly off the market.

Knock Out The Walls

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Okay, we don’t mean ‘take a sledgehammer and go to town.’ But open concept living areas are very much in vogue. If your house is older, it may have more segregated rooms. You can improve the value of your house by getting rid of non load-bearing walls and opening up your living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Bathtub Caulking

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This one isn’t flashy, but it can make a big difference. After the kitchen, bathrooms are probably the most important factor in selling your house. Solid caulking around the rim of the tub will help keep out mould and mildew. Apart from being better for you, a sparkling bathtub will also make a good impression on potential buyers.

Get Hardwood

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If you’re still rocking the shag carpeting, you’ll probably want to make a change before putting your home on the market. In general, buyers want hardwood rather than carpet -- at least in common areas. 

Although having hardwood installed can cost thousands of dollars, quality flooring can last decades. In general, you will get a pretty substantial return on the investment when you sell the house.

We hope you enjoyed reading about renovations that raise your home's value!