Looking To Finance Your Creative Dreams? Read This

Looking To Finance Your Creative Dreams? Read This

The moment you begin to invest in yourself and make money from things you are passionate about and interested in, a flame ignites from within. The only problem then is creating a plan to turn your side-hustles and passions into your primary income. The following are things to consider when beginning to finance your creative dreams.

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Who Are You Creating For?

This one is a part of creating a business 101 handbook but may not be obvious for people looking to turn their passions into an income. When starting a business, the "who" is your target audience but when looking to finance your passion the question of "who will use or buy this product?" becomes "will anyone benefit from the messaging of my creations?"

Are you a visual artist? Perhaps you'd start thinking of the ways your work inspires and embodies emotions, then look for ways to build ongoing relationships on a social media platform or through a newsletter with those audiences so you can continue to inspire and make money.

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What Is Your Scaleable Product?

Now, it's time to truly consider what you might sell to generate revenue. As a creative, these products might not always be tangible products but are valuable if you know where to look. For instance, if you are a writer, you can begin to write freelance content for companies and earn an income per article or by the hour. A scalable "product" is simply something that affords you the luxury of controlling your income.

You know your passion and with that, take some time to understand where your expertise lies to help someone, develop something that can build an income and ultimately follow your dreams with consistency and earn a livable wage.

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