Working One Full-Time Job Vs. Multiple Part-Time Jobs

Working One Full-Time Job Vs. Multiple Part-Time Jobs

Ideals surrounding work, careers and making a living are under severe reworking. The global pandemic has forced us all to slow down and consider ways to earn a sustainable income and attempt to live life on our terms, perhaps by starting a business, freelancing or working multiple part jobs as opposed to one full-time. Whichever lane you choose, the following are pros and cons to consider.

marvin-meyer-SYTO3xs06fU-unsplash-300x200.jpgMarvin Meyer

Working Full-Time

Under the supervision of one employer, working a position roughly eight hours each day for five days a week comes with its perks. You'll never wonder where your next set of earnings will come from as you'll have a predictable income every two weeks, most likely be availed with a benefits package, have a comfortable routine with expected hours so you can plan your life accordingly and, if you plan on staying with a company for the long-run, you'll likely have a planned clear career trajectory.

On the other hand, having a set schedule can mean your free time is inflexible and leaves no run for spontaneity in your routine. You'll know when your money is coming in and what amount however, there is no diversification in your earnings. At a full-time position, you do the same thing daily, at the same place and are you aren't likely to learn new skills or widely network.


Now, For Working Multiple Part-Time Positions

Working multiple part-time jobs by choice and not out of necessity can give you the freedom to choose your hours according to your level of productivity throughout the day. Not to mention, you'll make various incomes from different sources that could mount up to a lot more than a salary or expected wage per hour. You will meet a ton of people working at various places, and have the opportunity to grow your network, make professional developments and in turn advance your net worth.

On the downside, depending on the types of gig positions and their payment methods, your income might be haphazard. You likely won't have a benefits package included at your part-time job (although you could buy into one by a privatized company) and, your career trajectory will be a result of your hustle rather than earned by the number of years you stay loyal to a particular company.

As you can see, both full-time and part-time jobs have loads of perks and disadvantages but choosing a career path that caters to your lifestyle is the ultimate goal and reward.