Tips To Save Money And Eat Well

Tips To Save Money And Eat Well

Why is it that eating healthy seems to cost a lot more than eating junk all day? Or maybe those ideals are things we've heard other people say but haven't taken the time to research for ourselves. Here are some tips to save money and eat well that your future body and bank balance will thank you for years to come.

In a pandemic, it's more important than ever to pay close attention to your finances as many are out of work and to the nutrients-filled food that we are feeding our bodies to keep our immune systems intact.

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Try Not To Buy On Impulse

The greatest takeaway here is to first avoid going to the grocery shop when you are already hungry. Instead, you've got to hit the isles with food in your system. If you are hungry while shopping for food, you'll likely feel (even more of) an urge to drop a bunch of snacks in your cart, sometimes snacks that you've never tried before. It's not worth it, ever.

Create a grocery list, either put pen to paper or leave a note on your phone. The best way to ensure you aren't floating near the cupcakes and ice cream is if your eyes are glued to a list. Lastly, bring recyclable grocery bags. Help save the earth and your pockets.

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Buy Less, More Often

In North America, we have a tendency of buying in bulk under the guise of saving money and although that theory does reign true in some aspect unless you have people to eat in bulk most foods fall to the waste side. Going to the grocery store more often, like many of us were doing when the world was shut down, can assist in only buying groceries you'll use immediately, every few days.

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It's Okay To Not Buy Seasonal Food

Another myth to debunk is the idea that we need to eat top-of-the-line foods all the time. It's a lot more important to make sure you are aware of what you are consuming by cooking your foods as opposed to buying organic, home-grown or in-season fruits and vegetables every week. 

It's a nice idea but, the reality is most of our foods are created across the globe and imported to our local grocery stores. If you are in the game of saving money, buy affordable but more importantly, make healthy choices. Get the bag of kale over potatoes chips and try making some kale ones instead. 

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Happy saving, shopping smartly and cooking that good grub.