How The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Revolutionizes The Smartphone

How The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Revolutionizes The Smartphone

If you're anything like us here at Money Awaits, you've been awed by the last decade's advances in smartphone technology. But at the same time, you occasionally long for your old flip phone. You know the one we mean: that ancient LG with the keyboard. Enter the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung's latest offering manages to provide the most cutting edge technology, in a form that will remind you of your old phone from 2007. Let's take a look at how they pull it off.

800px-Samsung_Galaxy_Z_Flip_fold-300x200.jpgGrace R. Samson / Wikimedia People are flipping out about the new Flip

One-of-a-kind features

The first thing you notice, of course, is that this phone is aptly named. It really flips, just like those awesome phones back in the day. Even more impressively, the folks at Samsung have found a way to make a glass screen fold. And not just once or twice, but thousands and thousands of times.

That folding feature also helps to keep the Galaxy Z Flip compact. Phones have been getting larger and larger in recent years, almost like we're compensating for something. But that comes at the expense of convenience. The Z Flip doesn't have this problem. Just fold it up and it fits snugly in your pocket.

This folding action also allows the phone to stand on its own. That means hands-free video calls, and out-of-this-world selfies that otherwise would have gone untaken.

The Z Flip also boasts a pretty powerful camera. It can take long exposure photos, making it ideal for capturing night shots.

Even the cover is special; when the phone is closed, notifications will appear on the outside of the phone!

samsung1-300x201.jpgCourtesy: Samsung The super cool 'cover screen' feature

The Z Flip also features HDR10+ viewing, a steady-cam feature that helps you shoot video in 4K, facial recognition, and a super-wide lens for snapping panoramic pics.

The result is the coolest phone of 2020, hands down.

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